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Network Operations Center

Security Intelligence with the necessary expertise for all technological Operation

Management of IT environments with a focus on availability, performance and security

Safety and Operation at all levels

- App Services (cloud services, identity, service bus, media, mobile services, web sites, integration, hpc, analytics ...)

- Data Services (SQL database, HDInsight, table, blob storage ...)

- Infrastructure Services (virtual machines, virtual network, vpn, traffic manager, cdn ...)

Our Operations Center focuses on managing intelligent events and orchestrates system events on our platform, generating all parameterized control for each business need, identifying, investigating, prioritizing, forwarding to decision making and solving problems aiming at the minimum impact for our Clients.

Our platform is able to manage incidents and alerts that affect the security of information assets, protecting intellectual property and confidential data with a focus on data security and protection.

What do our customers gain?

- Prevention: good practices that prevent incidents;

- Detection: identification of security problems in processes;

- Incident response: solve security problems encountered;

- Vulnerability assessment: monitoring and analysis of processes according to risk of insecurity

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